Harold The Jewellery Buyer Review


Stay away from this clown. He”s nothing but a greedy, lying, manipulative weasel. In his TV ads, he portrays himself as an upstanding fair and honest Jewish businessman, but when you get in the store, he perpetuates virtually every negative Jewish stereotype there is from the last 2000 years. You would think that after his first store got firebombed he would change his business practices at his new location, by being fair, honest and treating customers with respect, but no, he puts bars on the windows and keeps the front door locked at all times and you have to go through a security guard posted outside first, before he”ll even let you in. But if you seem to think you MUST go to him, don”t take your eyes of your jewellery or Harold the Jew will do a sleight of hand and it will disappear into his pockets right before your eyes and you”ll be lucky if he gives you $20 for it. Get it appraised at a real jewellery store first before you go trying to sell it to this guy. Better yet, take it to one of the other jewellery buyers in the area.

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