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Complaint: I would like to report a company DBA as HawaiianFoodOnline.com located at 6655 W Sahara Ave Las Vegas, NV 89146 who collects money for orders, but doesn’t refund money for cancelled orders. No response by email or phone. I have contacted my credit union to dispute the charge. Still waiting for that process, but I feel people should know about this company. They list a phone number of (702) 818-8736 and (702) 417-2558. They must be committing mail fraud also by using the following address to collect money: Hawaiian Food Online PO Box 752691 Las Vegas , NV 89136 Thank you, Kelly Murphy My ORDER 7256 February 9, 2013 Order Type: Online Status: Cancelled February 10, 2013 Refund due $110.24

Tags: Food Vendors

Address: 6655 W Sahara Ave Las Vegas, Nevada United States of America

Website: www.hawaiianfoodonline.com/

Phone: (702) 818-8736

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