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I have donated several times to the Hayes Tough Foundation sowmwhwr between $2, 000 -$15, 000 over the years. The foundation was set up by Steve Tate as a way to remember his child who passed away from cancer at 20 months old. Since the passing of Hayes the foundation has grown tremendously, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars each year through events, banquets, and news publications. I believe in the early stages of this charity, Steve Tate and his intentions were pure & that the foundation was a way to grieve and celebrate the passing of his son. Let me be clear no one should ever have to deal with such a tragedy, however we know that child hood cancer is real and effects families all over the world. I feel for the tate family which is why I chose to donate my own personal money The issue I have comes down to how much money actually goes to the families battling cancer & how much money goes to Steve Tate and supporting his families lifestyle? In recent years you can see that Steve Tate certainly enjoys being an Instagram Influencer. Posting about the bachelor, Trips to Target, and Lavish Vacations with his family all paid for by the funds donated to the Hayes Tough Foundation. Is this illegal.. No… but it’s increbily dishonest in my book. It’s no secret that money donated to a charity like Hayes Tough is deductible on your personal tax return. However once the money is in the Hayes Tough account, that money can be used for anything the owners “Steve Tate & Savannah Tate” choose. The charity iteself must file a tax return each year reporting money recieved, however charities do not pay taxes like a business or a person. That money can be spent on Food, Gas & Insurance for Vehicles. Airplane Tickets to Florida, Hotel Rooms, even paying Salaries to Steve Tate or others. Heres an example: In 2018 Hayes Tough Receives $500, 000 in Charity Donations: Steve Tate gets paid a salary of $100k for running the Foundation Savannah gets paid a salary of $100k for co running the Foundation Travel Expenses = $50, 000 Auto Expenses = $25, 000 Insurance = $20, 000 Events Hosted = $50, 000 Money Donated to Familes with Cancer = $155, 000 How much money actually goes to families battling cancer vs. the money that Steve Tate uses to maintain his lifestyle & Instagram Fame? It’s my opinion that you would be better off taking your donation directly to a family in need vs. donating money to Hayes Tough with no knowledge of what that money will be used for. That way you know 100% of your money is being used to change someones life, not support a local mans desire to be liked on social media. There are so many families in need & the more money and help they can get the better. We dont need another Kardashian Family or on this case Steve Tate beoming Instagram Famous. Steve do the right thing and donate 100% of the money to the families in need & stop using the money to boost your likes and appearance on Instagram.

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