HCA Power Stone Mountain Georgia Review


I saw the a link on Facebook touting a new miracle supplement that decreases fat in the midsection. When I clicked on the link there was an ad offering a free 30 day supply of HCA Power, money back guarantee if not satisfied. I started filling out the information but when I saw that it was a recurring charge I exited without completing the information. A few days later I was called by them offering the 30 day supply no commitment if I cancelled within 15 days of receiving the product. I declined but they gave me the hard sell and i basically agreed to get them off the phone. The product arrived 4 days later at which time my 15 days should have started. However, 10 days later they hit my account for $99.90. I’d called them to cancel the night before at 8 pm because their hours are until 9 pm est. All I recieved was a recording saying they were closed and to call back during normal business hours. I called them the next morning and connected with one of the nastiest individuals I’ve ever encountered. She hung up on me after telling me the product had already been shipped and there was nothing I could do about it and they would give me an RMA to return the junk. I contacted my bank but they told me that since I ordered it and have not returned it, they would not replace the money. I called HCA again this evening and was told I agreed to 2 more shipments of this stuff, which I most certainly did not, and they would NOT accept a return of the merchandise and she would be notating my account to that effect. She then hung up on me and when I immediately called back, I was hung up on again.

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