HCR ManorCare, Inc. Review


Hi i want to say to everyone do not work for hcrmanore care espically if you are a newly certified nursing assitant i was hired on nov 30 as a new aide their i was onlly trained on 3 units for one week i was told after 90 days they would evaluate my performance but they lied they fired me within 30 days mine you i am a young girl who lives on her own that is struggling to pay bills and i was also told that serveral aides made complaints towards me. | the unit they assited me to was rehab which they never trained me on so i was not aware of how they operated. their was a manager their by the name of carolyn who made my life a living hell she is not a good manger and is very unprofessional she even told me that she does not care about her staff she only cares about the patients. this company hcrmanorcare had several lawsuits filed asainest them for making false claims on medicare. | I repeat do not ever work for this company they eat their young alive and they do not care about you and also the aides they claim that is so good is a lie most of them are lazy, call lights go off and they stay texting their phones and one shift i worked they left a man in feces and urine and left his dirty brief on the bed….That is i repeat abuse,,,So let me remind you do not work for these facilties all they care about is money they have a extermely high turnover and they dont care about their employees.

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