HD Accessory Complaint


Bought my wife the iphone 3g for Christmas and were looking for some accessories. This company obviously spends some money for advertising because they are high on the “google” list when you search for items. I ordered a Jabra bluetooth, a silicone case, and an extra usb cable for the iphone. They were real quick about taking the payment and we finally recieved our merchandise in about two weeks. The iphone case was as advertised and sealed in a package. Although it does seem very cheap, but hey, you get what you pay for. The usb cable was in a zip lock bag with a rubber band around it. The Jabra bluetooth was in a factory package with all the instructions and parts. But, the package, upon careful inspection appeared to have been resealed. Sure enough the bluetooth would not take a charge much less turn on and the usb cable worked the first time I pluged it in, after some jiggling, but would not work again. As stated by other reviewers, you can not get in touch with this company! If you review their return policies, they will take back, or exchange products IF the package can be resealed “as factory new” and within 30 days and blah, blah. Have you ever tried to open a plastic package that has a small electronic item in it without “damaging” the plastic? It’s virtually impossible. After two weeks of emails they finally responded, after I stated that I just wanted to exchange the items, and promised an exchange. It is Feb. 17, and they recieved the items around the second week of January. I sent the items back with confirmation delivery throught the USPS. They will not respond to my emails, I send them one every day, and they do not answere their phones. The first impression I got from this retailer after recieving my products was that they were a reseler of damaged and returned products. I know that the big stores (ie: Best Buy) auction off by the pallet load, boxes of returned and damaged products. HDaccessories, sells cheap stuff at cheap prices. If you want something that can’t be broken…like a cell phone case, go for it, but I would not recommend them for electronic purchases.

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