Health Insurance calls


I have received 20 phone calls regarding health insurance. My colleagues at work have received the same calls on their work lines. A friend received 75 of these calls yesterday. Below are the numbers that contacted me. They refused to give a business name when I asked. Each time these folks called, I asked them to put me on their do not call list and they said they would. As you can see, they have contacted me multiple times.608-298-5171 (4 calls)608-473-3765608-208-1308 (3 calls)608-416-1805 (2 calls)Additionally, I have gotten two texts from: e-health: 990-03 and (no name provided) 891-41. I did not grant permission for contact and I did not sign up for insurance quotes. The callers all ask for Joey Aide, whom I do not know or have any affiliation with.

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