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11/19/09 – I was directed to their web site, when their web address was attached to an e-mail I received from a relative. My relative did not know that the web address was anonymously attached to her e-mail nor does she know who how it got attached. There was a message about loosing weight with Acai with this address: When I visited their website I read: CONSUMER REPORT 1. ACAI EXPOSED: Miracle Product or Internet Scam? 2.AS SEEN ON: CNN / ABC / 60 Minutes / MSNBC / CBS /Fox News – All Logo’s 3. Mary Cunningwood (Health & Fitness Writer w/ her picture) made great claims of her test of the Acai Pure Detox and Colon Cleanse XR products in an exclusive report. 4. Offered free trial of these products along with “responses from people who used these products.”” 11/20/09 – I completed the on line order form along with credit card billing info to receive the free bottle of Acai Pure product and then another screen came up on my computer saying: Your order will ship within 24 business hours – Order No. 647192 and below that info was: CONGRATULATIONS! you’ve been selected for a limited time special offer: Buy 2 bottles and get 2 FREE! (a $275 value for just $127) of Colon Cleanse XR. You agree to the one time charge of $127.00 to be billed directly to the credit card entered on the previous page. All sales are final for this special offer. At the bottom of the page was the following within a boxed outline: Buy 4 for the price of 2 Now >> I clicked on that box and my order no. shown above appeared on a single page. A few days later

my Capital One Visa credit card company called me to confirm if I had ordered product & charged it to a foreign company? I confirmed I did not know about the foreign company

but yes I ordered the product in question. I received an e-mail from the company indicating that my order included a Negative Option Clause that meant I was automatically signed up for monthly delivery and billing for the product at $83.95/month

and if I fail to notify the company not to supply the product that would be done. Therefore

on 12/01/09; I called the company [[email protected]] (877-232-5950) and requested that I did not want to receive the products monthly and requested an e-mail confirmation of cancellation. That same day

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