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I was recently laid off by Healthcare Advantage per Martin Diaz (Director of Call Center) and Kathy Miller (HR) and the reason for the lay off is because the company was going to be oporating as Sure Health (my check says Consumer Health), so please BE AWARE of all of the following names because it is the same company. (HEALTHCARE ADVANTAGE). When the members call into the office they are no longer using the name Healthcare Advantage they are saying Customer Care. nPlease be advised to all members and those who are looking to become members this company is a rip-off and I know it first hand. They have a limited amount of providers in different areas. They lie and tell you that they have a lot of providers that accepts the plan but, when you call into the office to find out if your provider is accepting the plan. Usually they are not and they do not have any in your area so they locate an “out of network”” provider and tell you that they are trying to contract with the provider and 9 times out of 10 the provider does not want to join the network because it is taking money out of their pocket. nPlease be aware that most doctor’s offices will give a patient without any insurance a discount off of their bill if they pay at the time of service. The state attorney generals office in Florida did not renew their license and because of this they have lost 80% fo their members and this is the reason they had to file for bankruptcies and is now operating under a new name. nSanquonicenLauderhill


861 SW 78th Ave Plantation, Florida U.S.A.


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