HEALTHCARE AMERICA Astoria New York Review


Too inexpensive to be true- YES. On an internet sight offering free instant health insurance quotes, I gave my name, address, phone, SS #, etc….. One day later, I get a call, telling me I’m approved, pre-existing condition no problem. I’m told that I can use the Dr. I want, dentist, pharmacy. When I asked them what card I can use at the Dr. or Pharmacy, they said “IAP (International Association of Benefits) or THCS

or the Beachstreet Card. I told them I’d call them back and wanted to ask my doctor. They said “”they would gladly do it for me!”” They wanted to enroll me immediately

for only $109.95 per month and a one time enrollment fee of $100. nI personally called my doctors


etc..and they told me to steer clear of them. They go by different names. Finally after checking BadBusinessBureau

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