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In Mid November of 2020 I read the advertising on Facebook that all Newman Marcus Stores will be closed and cosmetic product must go and given away, and I can receive one sample for free without further obligations if I will pat just $4.99 for shipping and handling.

At the processing there was a question if I will like to receive additional product and zi answered no, then proceeded to finalize the order. But in two weeks the 2 separate charges appeared on my debit card for $97.88 and $94.99 and they never sent me additional product again, when i called in, the representative told me that that was a Trial, and since I did not cancel they charged me, firstivsl I did not sign fit Trial, and they did not include any return label or cancelation offer anywhere, since it was originally offered as a gift of just limited choice and quantity.

Total Scam!!!

I want my money back from the

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