Heather Fairchild Arizona Review


Do not buy a puppy from Heather Fairchild! I looked online for a specific breed and found a listing from Heather Fairchild on Oodles Marketplace. I guess I was so excited to finally get the puppy I was looking for, I wasn’t paying attention to the red flags right in front of me. I went to her house, which was full of puppies of different kinds, probably 30 or more. This was the first flag. I saw the puppy that I seen in the pictures and immediately fell in love with it. It was more than I had intended to spend so I had to give it some thought and decided to go ahead a purchase the puppy for $500. While I was there, another puppy was kenneled up, she said because he wasn’t eating well. 2nd red flag. I brought the puppy home, this was a Friday according to the contract you only have 48 hours to take the dog to vet and return it. When we brought the puppy home, I noticed he was sneezing but I thought that it was because of the new environment. However, by Monday the puppy had a little cough as well. I have never had a sick dog before, so I wasn’t quite sure what to make of this but I called Heather to find out. She said that the puppy probably has a cold, as some of the puppies had colds and were on anitbiotics. WHAT??? How could she in good faith sell a puppy knowing that they were sick? I had just spent a lot of money on a puppy that was “guaranteed”” in good health however

the 48 hours was up. Long story short

my puppy is very sick. I have had him to the vet 3 times in 1.5 months

he’s been on 3 antibiotics

cough medicine and had blood test done and still no better. The vet originally thought maybe it is just a resistant strain of kennel cough but I’m quite sure now that even he is at a loss as to why this little guy is still sick. It is so sad to isten to him and watch him be so uncomfortable and not be able to do anything to help. After several hundreds of more dollars and a puppy who is up all night coughing and sneezing I decided that I needed to let others know about this deceptive business. Once I started researcing Heather Fairchild online

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