Heather Hollar Lake Suzy, Florida Florida


So my sister in law moved her best friend heather, her old man and their 3 kids down . They tried to shove them all into a fifth wheel camper along with my sister in law, her husband and their son. So my husband and I moved them into our house with our two kids. We were trying to help them get on their feet. Heather was baby sitting my kids so that i could work, as payment for free rent plus money to care for their kids. One of the times I had to go into work earl,y two of the times I took her boyfriend job hunting, she slept with my husband. All the while my kids are asleep in the same house! The first time was in the bathroom leaned over the sink and twice was in the living room and kitchen, her kids were sleeping only a few feet away. Had they woke up they would have gotten an eye full.

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