Heels 2 Hammers Construction Review


Heels 2 Hammers LLC Christina Murphy Christi left our home incomplete since December. The work was done incorrectly. All windows that were installed had to be taken out and reinstalled by another contractor due to the incorrect installation. Tyvek was not placed inside the opening and the wrong nails were used. Windows in the brick had zero tape of Tyvek. Wall were not level. Things were installed incorrectly and not fixed. Every interior door had to be taken down and reinstalled because they wouldnt close correctly. She screwed the frame to the 2×4 and no shims or level was used. She conitnually put us off so we hired someone else to fix her mistakes and finish the house. She could not produce any reciepts detailing the materials that were used in my home versus the home next door that she was working on. She used materials purchased for my home in the other home. She had zero accoutability and cannot produce a detailed true invoice. | She had unskilled workers and felons working on my home. The plumbing has been leaking and she won’t fix it unless I pay a balance that is owed. Although, she cannot provide evidence of what was paid or work done by her plumber. The house was left with exposed electricl wires and panel, incomplete plumbing, trim work painiting.

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