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I have known Jody for many years. He is a member of the executive team and does not receive compensation for insurance sales. He is paid a salary like any other executive. You do not need a license to recruit, nor does he have a team… He acts in a different role – this happens all of the time when agents leave the field and move up into management. This is the case with Jody. He proved himself in WMA and WLG and is now in charge of expansion and distribution. Do not try to paint it up as something that it clearly is not. | He is a motivator and is in charge of helping to attract agents across the country. He has clients in country music, of which he continues to get paid from back when he was a licensed agent in the field. This is simply how the financial services industry works. As long as a license was active at the time of sale, you can continue to get compensated on renewals, trails, etc… even after license expiration or non-renewal. | Jody does not take advantage of anyone. The stories that you hear on some of those sites are outrageous exaggerations of the truth by ONE disgruntled former HGI female (she posts as various people, but it is all from one person). I know exactly who she is, and in the interest of stopping these rumors, I will ask her nicely to stop these rumors and just go about her life. I would prefer to keep her name and other personal information off of the internet, so I would ask her to discontinue the libelous postings on the internet. | Thank you.

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