Heidi Kalam Florida Review


This woman Heid Kalam is a very creepy and an unprofessional manager. She talks about her employees behind their backs and is very shady. Many employees have reported harassment to her and she does nothing. She is only there to make her numbers and if someone is a good salesperson she will overlook the illegal activities they do. She is thus an accomplice to the illegal activities. She is very aware of her department being a hostile work environment and a place of harassment unlimited. She is overlooking these things because she is desperate to make her numbers because of her financial difficulties in her personal life. She has had her home foreclosed, credit card companies sue her and also declared bankruptcy. These things have led her to overlook anything and try to make more money. She is unqualified as a manager and has no education. Her eating disorder is also a huge problem. She is morbidly obese and can hardly walk. It is revolting. She will be gone out of Macy’s to eat in the mall for half her shift sometimes. Her children are also without a stove becuase she doesnt want to replace the broken one in her home. So the eat unhealthy and fattening take away food everyday. Macy’s corporate should look into this woman and her illegal ways. She is a walking lawsuit for the company.

10316 Forest Hill Blvd Wellington, Florida USA



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