I applied for a customer support role at this company a year ago and never heard back. Suddenly, I get an email saying how impressive my application and experience are and ask me to complete a project they attached to be eligible for interview if interested. Since this email included an odd salary range far below my needs, I politely declined and thought that was that.That same day, in the Job Seeker Board channel of a Slack community I belong to called SupportDriven (, several people started recounting the exact same story, and some of them even said they had no idea what this was about because they had not even applied for anything at HelpJuice. This alone raised a lot of red flags because it was identical stories once we compared notes, and the fact that he sends a project for people to work on is not a common occurrence for a support role.Now today, we all get a blanket email from the CEO with this:_____________Thank you for applying for the vacancy Customer Success Champion. Unfortunately, after carefully reviewing all your work and background, we feel that it’s not a 100% fit for this position. That being said, we’d love to keep you in mind for other upcoming positions.Thank you very much for your time and effort. We wish you the best in your future career.–Emil HajricCEO of Helpjuice_____________I have attached screenshot with both his emails as proof. I did blur out my name and email address to protect my privacy.

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