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I have used Help Yay services for over two years, paying $349 for lifetime technical support. This offer was exclusively for senior citizens, which I am. All went well until about March 2016 when I connected for support and was told that I would have to start paying $100 annually to keep the support. Stupidly, I did so. They would only take debit card information and not credit cards, so that they could be paid immediately and with no credit card company to turn to for recourse. | After I paid them, I was unable to get a connection to their support site, the telephone number I always called in the past was always busy. I sent emails stating the problem and got no response. | I decided to gather my receipts, invoice copies, and the contract copy that was saved to my computer to file a complaint with the BBB and Office of Consumer Affairs. However, those documents are no longer in my computer files. I can only assume that Help Yay accessed my computer without my approval and deleted everything having to do with their commitment to me per our contract. | With no documents, I have no proof and cannot file a complaint. I recently found their new website and and called the number they listed for service. When I called the message on the phone stated that the number was not able to take incoming calls. Additionally, in their new Terms and Conditions, a paragraph is included that says Help Yay may change or discontinue their services without notification or liability to the consumer.

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