Helzberg Diamonds Spring Texas Review


I purchased a preowned Rolex from The Woodlands, TX location for approximately $11,000. The next day I researched the watch I bought and found that I had paid $4000-5000 more than the watch is worth on the market. I tried to return the watch and I was told that the preowned Rolex selection is sales final. I read every advertisement verbage in the store and no where does it state that. I was then told by Kimberly H. that it is like buying a car and there are no returns. I was given different payment options but not allowed to return the watch. I am stuck with an $11,000 watch that can be bought for thousands less. Also, the authenticity card given to me stated the watch was a 2013 model when it was actually a 2006-2007 model. I was denied return or refund by multiple employees with no documentation to prove that. The stated return policy states that watches have a 30 day unworn return policy. I tried to return it 2 days after the purchase. I am now stuck with a watch not worth what I paid. I was cordial and worked with the same employees that sold me the watch which none of whom abided by the advertised watch return policy.

121 Lake Woodlands Dr # 700 The Woodlands, Texas USA



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