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I purchased my vehicle from Rick Hendrick Chervrolet on 10/29/14. My salesman Leo Fulleda and finance guy Avery were very nice and knowledgeable. Yesterday on 11/24/14, I was contacted to come into the dealership to sign new paperwork because Avery, who was no longer with the company, messed something up with my taxes. When I arrived today 11/25/14 at 6:45 pm, a finance manager named Carlos Luna advised me that my deal did not go through and that I had to find a co-signer or give the car back today. He stated, that because I was a temp, the bank would not finance my deal. I explained to him that this information was given when I first submitted my application to Leo, again with Avery during the finance portion, and again with an employee of Prestige Financial (the bank) about two weeks later. I advised all three parties that although my position was through a temp agency, it was a long term contract position. Also, that I could obtain a letter stating that my position had no end date if needed. All three parties advised that it was not necessary. Carlos stated, not only were they taking the car back, but they were not refunding my $300 down payment and advised that I actually owed them an additional $1800 rental fee. He explained that per a signed document, if at any point the deal doesn’t go through that the car is then treated like a rental and I am responsible for mileage over a certain point. I have no copy of that document in the paperwork i received on 10/29/14. I also, had no indication that there was any reason that my deal wouldn’t go through, especially not at almost a month later. Carlos showed no remorse and even advised that there was no reason for me to be upset with Rick Hendrick because they had done their job and that it was all the banks fault. I can not believe that they would treat a customer this way. I thought financing had to be done before I got any keys and drove off the lot. I have a child, job, and bills, and I was led to the dealership under false pretenses and was basically stranded with my child at night. I now have no way to work, I have no car, and I don’t even have my money back to show for it. DO NOT TRUST THEM TO DO THEIR JOBS CORRECTLY! THEY WILL SCREW YOU OUT OF YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY!

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