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I was asked to participate as an expert in an event and one of the many sponsors was Herba Life who had a very prominent vendor area at this event. I am a small business with a limited budget and worked very hard to set up a nice booth and had one MLM product (which was a product that had NOTHING to do at all with weight loss) on my table as well as many other products that were not MLM products at all. Halfway through the event, I was approached by the event coordinator that I could not show the MLM product on my table because Herba Life complained about it. Herba Life did not put on this event. They were simply one of the sponsors. Because Herba Life is a MLM company, they did not want any other MLM companies whatsoever being shown at the event. All I had on my table was one container of the product and some brochures. Evidently, my table was getting more people coming by than theirs, and they were upset about the competition. Because they had contributed money to the event, they felt that gave them the right to infringe on my personal freedom. The event coordinators forced me to remove the MLM product, brochures and flyers from my table because Herba Life was one of their biggest sponsors. I will never go near an Herba Life display, distributor or product ever again. I will not participate in any events sponsored by Herba Life and I will never recommend any Herba Life products.

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