Herzing University Complaint


At Kenner Herzing NOLA the ” students ” run the “university”. They have chronic problems staffing instructors and teachers. Competence is in short supply. Half-truths and misleading statements are commonplace. Learning is not why you are paying. Help with job placement would not accurately represent why you pay. You give them money and they give you a piece of paper. People who are trying to keep their existing jobs go there to buy some job security. Kids whose parents push them to attend some institution of learning go to this place. The desperate and ill informed attend this moderately legal pyramid scheme. Don’t be taken in by this modern day snake oil salesmen and their helpful staff who will happily process your paperwork for the fast track to debt. Places like this and I.T.T. are a waste of money and where your hopes come to die. If you want an education that is worth anything go to a real school … U.N.O. or Tulane School of Continuing studies. It requires a more real effort and willingness to improve your life. IF the school pitch sounds like a drive thru menu then your gonna get greasy food. Herzing is also a holiday camp for central Europe. HERZING NOLA is staffed by European expatriates and their friends from back home earning their work Visa’s by “teaching”. Throw a dart at a map of central Europe and at least one instructor visiting the U.S. comes from within 50 miles of the location. Ask about the circumstances surrounding the previous half dozen Deans “stepping down/retiring” i.e. being forced to leave under scandal involving strife between staff teachers and students. The misdirection of funds and equipment used for private enterprise OVER the needs of the students and ENTIRE CLASSES cancelled so the facility could be rented for meetings with private enterprises. I stress the I.T. Dept at Herzing does this with permission from the School for extra money. Students labs were cancelled AND student projects destroyed and weeks of class erased as a result. Irresponsible and no form of acceptable professionalism by the staff is the order of the day. With the economy suffering as now I WARN ANYONE CONSIDERING THE NEW ORLEANS HERZING CAMPUS TO STEER CLEAR AND INVESTIGATE BETTER ESTABLISHED TRADITIONAL SCHOOLS BEFORE FINANCIALLY CRIPPLING YOURSELF FOR EMPTY PROMISES. With that said the staph is VERY friendly and helpful. Highly recommended for studying a European language or being lectured by a lawyer with spare time on their hands.

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