Hideaway Campgrounds Lansing Michigan Review


I called and reserved 3 campsites a month before our expected stay. I was very specific about needing all the campsites right together and was assured that we would have just that. Upon arrival, we were informed that 2 campsites were right next to eachother and the 3rd was across the road. I tried to explain to the clerk that I was assured that all three campsites were right together, not seperated like that, she said that the site were together! Umm, no! Just because the lot numbers ran in order did not put them together! After several minutes of trying to resolve the issue and getting no where…I decided just to let my family decide where to set up. We had a large motorhome with a car trailer pulling a dune jeep (which we were very specific when we made our reservations that we had all of this equipment and needed to make sure we had enough room for everything, again was assured that we would be provided with larger lots to accomodate our needs), a pop-up camper, a tent, a full sized truck and a three wheeler. Once we got to the campsites, we quickly realized that the sites we were giving would not fit all of the equipment that we had, as I started to the office, I was approached by a man whom I assume is the owner of the park. I explained to him out issues, his response: “Be happy with what you got

all the sites have been reserved since May.”” And he drove away. When the people arrived in the ajoining campsite (which originally had my name on it and had been erased and moved across the street)

we asked them when they reserved their site

I was very upset to learn that they had reserved their site 5 days after I reserved all of our sites!!! During our stay

my daughter and her husband had their camp fire DROWNED by campground staff

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