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I bought and paid for a 3 day workshop with flippin on the side for $1997 in August 2018. It was on an open ticket which meant I could go to the workshop when I could because I couldn’t attend the dates they had for the soonest upcoming event. The 3 day workshop I showed up for Jan 17, 2019 was called Real Estate elevated. | I questioned the speakers stating this is not what I paid for and they told me not to worry it was the same material and I argued with them the whole weekend that this was NOT what I purchased and the information that I was told I’d be getting from the flippin on the side group the first day I went to the initial presentation!! | They said the material they present would by the same and it clearly WAS NOT EVER the same material I was told I was going to learn from day 1 of there intitial presentation to get you to buy further into their education programs. They also told me at the 3 day event where they solicited several other products that in order to get one of there softwares I needed to pay $11k which I did and the moment I got home I called the software company itself and was able to get the software for less then $1000. | This company is out to take your money. I had my 11k refunded IMMEDIATELY and they are refusing to give me back my $1997. since I disputed with my cc company and higher education wrote back stating I went to the 3 day whether it was what I purchased or not they will not refund my money. | Now I’ve called the company themselves and they state since I did a chargeback it’s up to my credit card company to refund my money. They can’t do anything that’s bull. They are also refusing to give me Tarek and Christinas contact info for a refund as they are the owners of real estate elevated.

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