Highly non-recommendable!


Dragon Foot Spa and Massage, a place located in Plam Beach Gardens. I was out there for a business trip when I heard and also checked the reviews of the place online. I was badly in a need of Foot spa and wanted a clear cut rest. After all days long travel and hard work, what else would a tired body demand?

I approached them with my need and I was charged with a certain sum of amount which was okay if they seemed to be so promising. I was happy to get relaxed out there but guess what I was kept waiting out in the waiting lounge and I did the same until the clock struck 7 and I went there at reception and asked if there will be any service provided today.

I was promised to have been started in 15 minutes which became 20 and then 30 and then 1 hour and it went on unless I got up, went to the reception, demanded my money back and left out. So much wait even when I was charged high thinking I was new to the place, which of course was right as I was new but who cheats.? That too in this manner.? Come on guys get some integrity and some honesty for the ones because of whom your business runs. It might be possible you earn low but donít go for fake promises which will divert people.

Highly non-recommendable service is what I would call them and will see to it if my friends and colleagues donít reach out here because there are better ones out there waiting to provide respect and services. They might be able to get you better than what you are getting as In now and what you might be getting as in for the value of money.

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