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Disappointing Performance 

HLM Capital Wealth Management is a wealth advisory firm. I trusted them with my finances but it was a terrible mistake. It is clear to me now that Ben Leshem has a team of incompetent professionals who donít care about their clients. Those people make false promises to you so youíd think they have your best interests at heart. In reality, they donít care about your financial well-being. They focus solely on getting the most money out of you.

HLM Capitalís delivered results have been very disappointing. I expected them to fare better but I overestimated his teamís skills. Itís obvious that those people donít care enough about their clients to put in the necessary amount of work. I donít think Iíd be able to trust another financial advisor again. The way they have misled me and have lied to me, has been a little too much. 

I never thought financial advisors can be so deceptive and shady. Benís team always told me that I would get so and so returns on my investments. I always believed them. However, the actual returns have been much lower. I wonít share much details of my returns but I can assure you, they have been quite disappointing. 

At first, I thought the pandemic must have had an effect on their performance. But I donít think that happened in my case. Thatís because most of the results came before the pandemicís panic started. Even if it had an effect on my results, it must have been a tiny bit. It certainly wouldnít have depreciated my returns by a lot.
Since I discovered the actual returns, I have realised that the people at HLM Capital Wealth Management donít care about their clients. These people are snake oil salespeople whose sole focus is to get as much money out of their clients as possible. They donít care for your financial progress, your goals or plans. No, they only care about their returns. 

The main priority for the people at HLM Capital Wealth Management is their portfolio size. They would do anything to increase their portfolio. These people even resort to lying and deception to make this happen. They sell you fancy dreams about your investments. These advisors are taking advantage of the financial illiteracy present in society. They know that not everyone is familiar with the complex world of investment and wealth management so they take advantage of this fact. I have just recently realized all of this and I canít explain how infuriated I feel. 

One of the reasons why I thought writing this review on HLM Capital was important is because no one has actually shared this side of that firm. You would read praises about HLM Capital but you wouldnít discover anything that tells you how they deceive their clients.

Iím pretty sure there are many others who are losing out on potential gains because the people at HLM Capital have misled them into buying the wrong investment products. The amount of greed and selfishness you need to deceive so many people while claiming to be a well-wisher is astounding. I believe the HLM Capital Wealth Management group should start working on themselves and improve on these areas. If my review sparks even a tiny bit of positive change in that company, Iíd be glad. However, seeing how they have deceived me for so long, I doní t think thatís ever going to happen. 

About HLM Capital Wealth Management

HLM Capital is a wealth advisory firm based in Highland Park, Illinois. They are located at 1849 Green Bay Rd Suite 200. Those people have plenty of accolades and awards under their belt. However, in my experience, they have been very disappointing. 

HLM Capital Wealth Management Review: Conclusion

HLM Capital Management is a greedy wealth advisory firm that lies to its clients. In my opinion, they are shady and untrustworthy. They lied to me about my investments and delivered terrible results. I donít recommend doing business with these people.

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