Hobbytron.com Gaston South Carolina Review


On 12-13-2012, I ordered 2 RC Helicoptors from Hobbytron.com using their website. After hitting submit, I did not receive an invoice or order confirmation in my email. I immediately checked my bank account and realized I was charged the $36.89 to my account with no way to verifyf the order. nI tried sending an email to the Company thru their website asking them to verify for confirm the order and the status. I waited until the next day when I knew the business should be in operation and tried to call. I could not get an answer. I tried the “Online Chat”” and also could not get a response. I sent emails after that requesting that they call me

included my phone# and waited. nWhen I did not hear from them after another day had elapsed

I tried this same process again. I have repeated this process numerous times to no avail. Hobbytron.com has taken the money from my account and refuses to acknowledge my existence. nAfter realizing that I could not get an anwer from them at all

I googled information on this company and have seen hundreds of complaints of similar situations

bad merchandise

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