Holden Corps Loan Company


I found this person on cl offering loan svc. I contacted this person inquiring bout a loanI was told i would have to pay a loan chg svc fee first and after payment was recieved and verified the loan would be deposited into my acct. Within 1 hour. After i sent the 259.00 he told me payment was recieved and verifyied.and that he had emailed me the loan termsband aggreement to read sign snd send back to him ( btw loan amt.i had requested was 13k.) To be funded. But the last line in the agreement said that. A 650.00 tax fee clearance had to be paid in full before the funds would be released and deposited into my acct. I was never told there was another fee i would have to pay again to recieve loan i had already been approved for. I had told him i was totally broke from 1st day and my situation had just gotten worse. And i had to borrow that 259.00 to pay for the first fee of 259.00 i had talked with this man( whose name was William Carey that was name he went by.) About having been scammed 1x before and y i had. Reservations.and just couldnt afford to lose anymore money or anything for that matter. He reassured me he was legit and had been in lending biz last 15 years. That a promise made is a promise kept. I told him noi wasnt interested in doing anything woth him and or his company. I asked him to refund my money. To me that day the same way he had thru western union and to let me know when sent and when i could pick it up. He told me alright. Next thing i heard from him was to just send the fee money to him so that i would get funds and then i could take care of all the things i needed to and to get back onmy feet. Again i told him no i want my money back. Again i heard back from him telling me he had talked to bosses ?? And had them to just accept 350 instead of original amt of 650.00. And the sooner id send it sooner i would have money from loan to take care of everything. I have repeatedly asked him to refund and return my money to me and he still hasnt. He also said that he had told me to send part of fee he would take care of rest and that the loan svc chg fee was nonrefundable. I have gone back to the start of communicating with him and have reread every word in every text msg sent and recieved.i didnt find anything mentioned about fee being non refundableFrom him. I was told about 1st fee having to be paid 1st and tben id get funded and he never mentioned anything about another fee id have to pay before i would recieve the loan.

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