Holiday Enterprises wildwood Missouri Review


Potential Distributors: BEWARE ! I lost $24,475 nHoliday’s misleading and fraudulent representations have been so rampant that it would be nearly impossible to recite each specific instance. Like many others who have posted information on this website(, I have suffered severe financial harm as a result of Holiday’s deceptive sales practices. nDuring the summer of 2004, I was induced to enter into a business relationship with Holiday to sell ink cartridges by false and misleading representations regarding the opportunity. Holiday’s team of con artists mislead me about product pricing and other significant issues, and when I discovered that I had been duped, the company has refused to refund my investment of nearly $25,000. I have offered to return all of the products to them, in exchange for getting my money back. Due to Holiday’s refusal to be fair, I am pursuing my case in arbitration, and will take these people to court if necessary in an effort to obtain satisfaction. nHoliday’s behavior included: n1. not sending me all of the promised ink cartridges in a timely manner; n2. sending me a number of out-of-date products with expiration dates that had already passed.n3. providing numerous inks which were not OEM compatible;n4. sending display racks which were inferior tonthose shown in sales materials and website;n5. claiming that the product was made in the USA, when they knew it wasn’t!; n6. not delivering on promises regarding its website and a free, toll-free number;n7. making ridiculous and unsupportable claims of radio ads to help promote the business;n8. using employees as references!!n9. referring to my payment as “soft”” money(wish I could get an explanantion)n10. providing me with false information (via James Sais) about uniformity of ink prices(an important selling point)to get me to become a distributor

when in reality they were not the same

causing an inventory nightmare. nIt is obvious that Holiday is in the business of ripping people off. BEWARE: DON’T BE THE NEXT VICTIM OF HOLIDAY ENTERPRISES. nFeel free to contact me if you would like to join me in my effort to put an end to this company’s fraudulent practices. nRobertnWildwood


2144 Buford Highway, Suite 211-A Buford, Georgia U.S.A.

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