holiday inn vacation club wilmington Massachusetts Review


My wife called to book a room at the holiday inn in Salem NH., when the room was booked she was connected to a sales rep with the holiday inn vacation club selling time shares. She agreed to pay $199.00 for a 3 night stay at south beach resort, myrtle beach sc. She tried explaining to me what she signed up for and I thought nothing of it, when she got a letter in the mail about this 3 night stay. I called them up and tried to explain to them that we didn’t have the time to do this and would like a refund, and was told it was non refundable. I told them the reason for the request is that my wife has Alzheimer’s and was probably a little confused while dealing with the sales rep. Well they couldn;t scramble fast enough to make sure theiy didn;t lose out on the $199.00 my wife had given them. I was told to hold on that I had to speak with a supervisor, and she tells me I have to send medical documents from her doctor for proof. I admit I lost my cool and went off on the supervisor some what. Medical information is private and I have no intention of passing this information on to holiday inn vacation club. If they need to be so desperate for $199.00 they can keep the money. I will say this, the holiday inn vacation club must be very proud at how they train their employees to scam people. Ganted they didn’t know my wife’s condition but after explaining it to them this wrong should be made right. In closing I would like to warn people about this group and how they are trained to deceive. Just take the time to look over other reviews and you will see what i’m talking about. If and when they respond to this review, be very careful how you interpret their words, they have a way of turning the tables on reviews. DECEITFUL IN EVERY WAY.

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