Holly Naomi-Cheryll Plott – Elizabethtown, Kentucky Kentucky


So Hollys a college student at WKU university. She has a boyfriend and apparently is as horny as a toad. She and my Fiance were good friends and had a crush on one another long ago. He recently added her on Facebook and was asking about the schools nursing program for me. Yeah, that lead to more. My grandfather died a couple days after he added her and I left to help with funeral. They messaged nonstop for 3 days. He talked about how he second guesses being with me because he became a dad at 20. He wanted more in life, blah blah blah. She listened to his dob story, he listened to hers. She would subtly say dirty stuff she was thinking. What she would do with him. He would say hes not crossing a line and then turn around and say dirty stuff back. She tagged him in a status about her appreciating him listening. || I called bullshit and had a gut feeling something was up. I went through his Facebook since he was still logged into it. I read eveything. I had to keep my cool because I had our daughter with me. I had to sit through my grandfathers funeral sobbing over my fiancÚs stupid ass and not the loss of my grandfather. He stole my grief and he broke my heart. I messaged Holly and told her I knew her games. She told me she knew she was a whore and a homewrecker! She never wanted my fiancÚ. She was just unhappy in her relationship so she wanted to ruin mine.

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