Home buyer beware!


Entered into a contract to purchase a beautiful townhome with this builder in 2016 in Florida. The site wasn’t developed and the time frame K Hov stated was about a year away. I was ok with that, after all, the renderings and site plan were amazing! I monitored the progress, visited the dirt pile where the construction would take place constantly. Fast forward 18 months later and finally the dirt pile starts looking like a home. Throughout the process from this time forward would be my chief complaints…

First the construction was very poor! I would find bottles of urine laying around the site and inside of the structure of my home (more to come on this later). The craftsmanship was horrible and it was clear to me the construction workers didn’t care a single bit about their work product. I was all over them like white on rice! I had to constantly point out defects, misaligned lighting, crooked outlets, mismatched window ledges, squeaky floors (3 story home), and the list goes on and on.

This turned out to be a FULL TIME job until the construction was completed. It was only because of my daily inspections and consistent reporting of obvious flaws in the construction, that my unit ended up having no major defects that I was aware of. At the time of closing, there were over 60 items remaining on the punch list! I was assured that the items would be taken care of, all I had to do is to put in a request through maintenance portal within one year (the extent of the builders warranty). After 2 years there were still 30 items remaining from this list.

I was lucky but let me tell you about the other units they constructed in my community. Urine bottles found in pipes leading to clogs and leaking from 3rd floor to 2nd. Urine bottles found in walls and ceilings. Poor construction leading to leaks on the inside of the structure requiring major modifications to address (3 years later, all units constructed, and still they are ripping apart units to try to fix the leaks). Mind you, these are half a million dollar + units!

Let’s touch on the mismanagement of HOA funds. K Hov collected full HOA fees from the beginning (no amenities constructed) for over a year. When the turnover happen, you guessed it, funds were short! Where did the money go K Hov? That was never properly answered. Of course the new homeowners had to hire an attorney, and an architect to hold K Hov to task.

I ended up selling my unit and had an inspection done by the buyer. Come to find out, my newly constructed home’s kitchen sink drain was never properly connected. Not fun, let me tell you. This is a small sample of the many flaws experienced through this process. I could go on and on but I think you get the picture.

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