Home Depot and GE Appliances Fairfield California Review


WARNING – Home Depot is selling severely damaged GE home appliances and knowingly dumping these appliances on unsuspecting customers, making them sign a convenient waiver form at the time of sale, before delivering these damaged appliances to consumers’ homes. nAfter waiting over a week for the delivery of two GE Washer and Dryer appliances purchased from Home Depot, an Enterprise RENTAL TRUCK with two thugs in plain clothes pulled up to my house and unloaded the damaged appliances. nWhen I noticed a major cave-in on one corner of the dryer and pointed it out to the “delivery guy””

he pretends he is “”surprised”” by it and immediately calls his manager (I believe it was a fake phone call)

after which he says “”Well

it is Warranteed so if anything goes wrong with it GE will repair it and my boss says we can give you a $150 discount right now””. nI unwittingly accepted this figuring I could always call Home Depot and do a simple return if he happens to be lying. Either way he wrote the words “”$150 allowance”” on the delivery receipt so I thought the agreement was iron clad — WRONG! It was all nothing but a planned ruse! After the delivery

I found the entire side of the GE dryer has been CRUSHED and it wont even sit level on the floor! The delivery thugs had cleverly managed to hide this from me as they were installing it – which they insisted on doing themselves of course. nThis delivery was all a PREMEDITATED FRAUD SCAM which both General Electric and Home Depot are in on as I later learned. Weeks went by and of course I never received the $150 reimbursement for the damaged dryer and I was now stuck with a damaged dryer that wobbled on the floor as it ran. nI finally went to Home Depot and they

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