Home Depot Painesville Ohio Review


I was a customer in Home Depot, I went to self check out but was assisted by the cashier there.nI paid for one item and had a receipt. The cashier was ringing the other two items because one would not scan. She answered a phone call leaving me waiting. When another cashier came I ask her to complete the transaction, Big mistake this idiot told me the other person was on the phone as if I couldnt see that, da. I explained but I was in the store and she was ringing me before the call and that call should have been placed on hold. I removed the unpaid for item from my cart and was leaving with the one item I had paid for and had the receipt. However, this broad called me a thief, shoplifter, rouge, booster and other word you can think of accusing me of not paying for the only item in my cart, in a bag and the receipt was visible by the bag. I spoke with an department manager Dave was un- sympatric, lack of concern, non apologetic. I went back into the store showed Dave my receipt for what I had he was clueless as to what to do.nI called corporate office. I was transferred to a few people and finally I received a call from Jason Kimbell who promised me a gift card to make this go away, I never received it. I had contacted Greg the store manger before I heard from Jason, Greg was wrapped up in himself he had a department lead call me like I am nobody. I had since ask Jim to have Greg call me but it never happened and I have yet to receive the gift card.So I was embarrassed, humiliated, labeled, attacked, called me a derogatory names , crushed me mentally, followed me out the door,to my vehicle. I was mentally and physically shaken. Madeline, John, Mervin and a blond chick all ganged me and labeled me as a shoplifter. I have yet to hear from Grey of Corporate.nIf I could return what I had purchased prior to this they could have it back and stick it.

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