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I am reporting that I have also been scammed by HomeOwners Premier just as John from Madison, Wisconsin reported his scam of HomeOwners Premier on Rippoffreport.com on Monday, November 25th, 2013. His post describes the scam very thouroghly so I will use his discription below. However, I would like to add the following: I pray that these men and/or women that are involved with this scam are convicted to the point of complete and utter exhaustion; I pray that their guilt will consume them so bad that they are unable to sleep, unable to eat and unable to function until they turn themselves over to the authorities and more importantly to a God that can save them for the wrongs they have comitted. John’s description of the scam by HomeOwners Premier: “”Homeowners Premier has a good pitch, but it is a lie. This company is a designed scam, not incidental bad leads. They will call and sell you an amount of policy sales. The promise is to keep providing you with pre-called qualified leads until you sell the agreed upon amount of policies. They will send you names and phone numbers for about two weeks. The leads will be bad and the people will have no idea you are calling or why. If you try to e-mail or contact Homeowners Premier, your calls will not be returned and your e-mail messages will not be replied to. The address listed is not for the business. It is a rented mail box from a place like the UPS store. The company will also have you send a check instead of accepting funds on a credit or debit card. They do this because once the check clears you have no recourse. If you paid with a debit/credit card the charges could be disputed and refunded. The name I was given in the sales pitch was Eric Adams. Other aliases include Ben Roush, John Roush, and John Anderson. I doubt any of these are the real names of the people behind the scam. This scam is currently operating as Homeowners Premier. It previously operated as US Homeowners Marketing. They will most likely change the name. The scam does always keep some of the same ingredients: Targets insurance agents. Promises to sell sales made, not just leads. Requires a check to be mailed somewhere in California. The location will just be a drop box for the scammer to pick up the money.”” .

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