Hometown America Longmont Colorado Review


When my husband and I bought our house back in 2004, we were required to fill out an application, run a background check and get approved to buy a house. Longview was an upscale place to live. It was very clean, upkeep was out-standing, people kept their property clean and were proud to be where they were….. NOW – it looks like crap – I could use other words, but I won’t, but I bet anyone reading this could guess what I want to say. The management is lazy – they used to drive around and if your property was trashy, they would tell you to clean it up – now they just don’t care and I am sorry to say this, but the people they are allowing to move in, are just lazy pigs. When we moved in, if you had blinds in your window that were all bent and mangled, they would tell you to replace them – I drove by the same house everyday for months, that had metal blinds that were all bent and broke and it looked horrible. Did the so-called management do anything? Obviously not. We recently were notified that Hometown America sold the property to another company – let’s all hope that this new company actually nows how to run a community and gets out of the rental property business and gets this place back to the way it was.

11135 Longview Blvd Longmont, Colorado United States of America

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