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Complaint: DO NOT BUY A HOMEWOOD OR TRINITY HOME!!! We bought a Homewood Home June 24, 2015. It was a spec home & we tried to get the final walkthrough earlier than normal so any issues found could be remedied before closing. They refused and said we had the walkthrough just 48 hours before original closing which ended up actually being the day of closing. There was a 7″ crack in the main bathroom that they hadn’t disclosed. The entire tile surround had to be removed in order to have the new tub installed. We were able to postpone closing only one week. While they were redoing the tub we discovered they weren’t installing anything correctly & had to bring in our own contractor to stop them from passing on totally inferior work. They then tore everything out again but we have now found small pin holes in the grout so we can’t shower in that bathroom because we are afraid that water will leak behind the tile. And to make things worse the first time we tried to use that very shower pieces came loose and shot across the tub with water spraying everywhere! We did get them to come out for a couple things within the first month. For a bad toilet which must of been a factory second because the holes cast into the tank were formed round and not square which caused the handle to hang up and the toilet to run constantly

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Address: and at the same time to rebuild and put back on the faulty shower parts. And for major paint peeling off of interior doors. Twice now (once before we even closed) they’ve done nothing but repaint and that isn’t the problem. The problem is the doors need adjusted or the jams need sanded down so that the doors don’t pinch so tight. That’s why the paint keeps sticking and pulling off. But I can’t get a call back or email from Homewood to inform them about all of our issues. I’ve called & left messages over 7 times and at least that many emails on their website through the Contact Us section. NOTHING!!! The tree in our front yard looked dead with not a single leaf from the day we moved in. I’ve requested someone come out & look at it & let us know. ZERO RESPONSE! We don’t want to waste more water on a dead tree. Now the paint all over the foundation is bubbling & peeling off. The light socket attachment on the dining room light is cross threaded or something so you can’t turn it and secure the glass shades and the list goes on. ZERO RESPONSE! There are more issues I hadn’t brought up with them yet because I can’t even get them to call or email me back. The screen door on the slider will hardly move so we have to usually just keep it open for fear of breaking it. The weather stripping above the garage door pulls off and comes down almost every time we open our garage door. We have a terribly squeaky floor outside the main bathroom. There are numerous nail pops on in the on suite bathroom that’s so far out it’s already rusted. Keep in mind we’ve only been in this house about 2 months. We have a brand new home that we can’t show off because of these issues & the issues are covered under warranty. But Homewood’s warranty appears worthless because you always just get voice mail when you call the warranty dept. phone #. We have never received an email or call back from them. The two times we did get anything done it was a direct call we made to their plumber & painting company

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