Hooters Greenfield Indiana


Complaint: Two weeks ago my family, along with my sisters’ families spent the weekend in Louisville. On Saturday night we had dinner at Hooters in Jeffersonville, Indiana. My husband was feeling generous and decided to pay for everyone’s meal. The bill came to $146.52. I handed the waitress my credit card and $75, with instructions to charge $100 of the bill to the card and use the cash for the remaining $46.52. I then told her she could keep the remaining cash as a tip. I received my credit card statement on Thursday and noticed that the entire $146.52 had been charged to the card. I phoned Hooters on Friday morning and they told me they were too busy to deal with it and I would have to call back Monday. I called back on Monday and spoke with the manager. After explaining the situation to him, he very rudely told me that they would not reverse the charge because I had signed the sales slip. Now, I admit that I didn’t notice the amount of the charge on the slip… I trusted that the waitress had done what I asked. However, I still believe that they owe me a refund of $46.52. Unfortunately they are unwilling to make it right. I hope our waitress enjoyed her $75 tip. Cindy Fort Wayne, IndianaU.S.A.

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Address: www.hooters.com Jeffersonville, Indiana U.S.A.



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