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I ordered 2 items I desperately needed ASAP. As a horse owner, one can understand. I paid for 2 day shipping and received an order confirmation saying so. ( cost me $21.77). The confirmation also read that I would receive my items a day later than the 2 day shipment I paid for. ( I did not count the day I ordered it). I immediately became a little alarmed and emailed to bring their attention to this error. A Lydia K emailed me back telling me she was, ” so sorry for the shipping change I made to my order did not register in our system”! Uh… What?? I didn’t change anything on my order including the shipping! So this morning, 24 hours after I first ordered from, I have cancelled the order. But apparently this is not sitting well with Lydia K. She blew me up with half a dozen emails in succession that they received my cancellation request. Ugh. And I am exhausted. Thank you for this forum, as I wish I could have been warned about this vindictive fraudulent company:

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