Hospitality Carpet Industries, Inc Pacific Northwest Idaho Review


I previously ordered carpet from these people over the years, and they always came through. I had paid by credit card and check in the past. However, this time they were insisting on a check, and that is a huge red flag. Sent a electronic check for over $1500 and they continue to have excuses why no merchandise has been sent, after waiting three months. I even offered to pay the freight AGAIN if that would help. Warning to others: pay for goods with a credit card, not a check or debit card. Wondering if they are bankrupt or just changing the name. The bottom line: paid for goods and freight with no goods received. What a rip-off! nHillcrestnPacific Northwest, IdahoU.S.A.

81 Lowy Dr, P O Box 250 Crandall, Georgia U.S.A.


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