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Hostinger Philippines suddenly deactivated my premium (meaning I paid for it) hosting account with them allegedly because of phishing, scamming, or hacking activities they’re accusing my website has performed. They kept on saying I was reported and they even sent me a screenshot showing that a code related to phishing, scamming, or hacking was added to my website’s codes. Since, I’ve denied that I’m performing any of that s**t because I’m a legitimate and decent HR consultancy company who’s into employee corporate training and development, motivational speaking, team and team culture building, and other HR solutions and that phishing, scamming, or hacking won’t do me any good nor it will help generate leads. I’ve agreed to their demand that I take my website files out of their system for good even if I’m innocent but they don’t want to reactivate my control panel or allow me to get my web files at least. They said they’re unable to give me my files because they don’t support phishing websites. Let’s say I really am guilty. However, they don’t have any right to keep me off limits from my own website files that I own, to begin with, and that they didn’t pay for because I spent my own money for it. I don’t know what this website could really do to help me, but at least I have the chance to tell the world not to do business or allow Hostinger to host your website. They will rip you off not to mention that they’re the worst hosting service provider in the world. .

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