Hotel Plus Bergenfield New Jersey Review


I accidentally booked a 3 night stay at the Days Inn in Horsham PA via HotelPlus.nI didn’t realize I had done this until I went to check out.nThe hotel could not issue a receipt, nor could they cancel out the third night.nI always book a third night just in case I need it, figuring I can cancel if necessary.nI really have no complaints about the hotel itself. nWhen I called HotelPlus to cancel the third night, I was told they could not do that.nI needed to give them 72 hours notice. nHow am I supposed to know in advance that my business trip would be finished a day early?nThis is totally unacceptable. nTheir manager was extremely rude, arrogant, and insulting. nI asked if this was how they treated all their new customers?nRules are rules, how dare I ask him to break them?nHe kept insisting that I must be stupid for not reading all the fine print.nIn my haste, I didn’t. nI’m booking a hotel room, not buying a car. nWhen I finally did read the “agreement””

I found it to be highly confusing and convoluted.nI think I would have been zapped with a penalty. nThe other deceitful thing that happened here is that I can’t remember how I ended up doing this.nSomehow

I looked up the hotel in Horsham PA and ended up on Hotelplus website instead of Days Inn. nSo now I have to pay for a night in a hotel that I never used.nI notified Days Inn and asked them never to accept business from these crooks. nNEVER deal with HotelPlus.nThey are a ripoff.nALWAYS book with the hotel directly.”

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