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On July 10th 2015 my husband and I reserved a car on for July 11th. An itinerary was emailed to us for July 25th. We immediately called them to tell them their system changed the dates (my husband and I double-checked everything before paying) and we were put on hold for 2 hours, afterwords they refused to cancel, refund or help us in any way. We called our bank and disputed the charge. Hotwire disputed back, and charged the money to our account again. We sent Capital One our receipt to another car rental we had to make with Enterprise for the 11th because hotwire gave us the wrong dates. We sent Capital One 6 other customers with the identical mistakes and complaints as us, within a three month time frame of our incident. Obviously, hotwire is having some technical issues on their website. Capital One said because we didn’t take screen shots of our booking process we do not have proof. Even though I sent screen shots of other complaints the same as ours, and our reciept of another car rental place for the correct date, it was not enough proof. I asked them if I am such a retard who could not pick the right dates then why did I pick the right dates for Enterprise? The six complaints of wrong dates within three months of our complaint was only on 1 website. I am sure there are thousands more effected whom did not file a report, or filed it on a different website. As you can see from this text, I can follow directions, I am aware of my actions and I am not a retard. April Houston Texas

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