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I started playing games house of fun 6 months ago I use to spend $20 -50 one a month that over the last four months I have spent thousands of dollars paying a as much as 450.00 one day play, then I realise I was being rip-off off I pay 149.99 for 4500 coins and they are gone within 2 hours I got so caught up in game did not realize what I was spending over 2,000 last two months I then started thinking why my coins disappear so fast when I only bet and average of 30 each time, they ever had a rep contact me and ask how I was doing it would get about 50,000 point then they would start to go aways with no winning, so I purchase $90.00 1900 coins and plays on one game and coins were gone in less than 30 minutes I feel I’ve been suckers

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