Houston Wholesale Refrigeration Review


While looking for a bigger refrigerator on craigslist, i came across an add from hwr. I went to see the selection of refrigerators and was assisted by mgr tabitha. I should have ran after her rude racist comments toward her male hispanic employees. Tabitha, being fluent is spanish, begins to order them around quite demandingly in spanish. I mentioned “wow, your fluent in spanish.?” she proceeds to say in front of the guys “well i had to learn since these f’rs won’t learn how to speak english!” she carries on about how “they” come over here and won’t even try to learn the language. I was more embarassed that they could hear her and i was extremely unforcomfortable and didn’t want the guys to think that i was in agreement with that conversation. Moving on, i paid the asking price of $225 and requested delivery. She wrote up my receipt and stuffed the money in her bra. I asked if i can sell them my smaller, yet much newer and cleaner refrigreactor and she said that we would work out a trade. No delivery cost and they will remove my frig upon delivery and i agreed. I was pretty please at the added size but 3 days later saw 2 cockroaches. That was the beginning of more to come. I immediately called the exterminator first, then tabitha to remove this from our home. The exterminator visit revealed several more roaches as he moved the refrigerator and i was completely horrified. They sent a driver 7hr later to pick it up at which point we had moved it outside. For the next two days, i went up to the warehouse to get a refund. Not only did i trade them a perfectly clean, working refrigerator, they now have their old one back with my money. On the third day i was finally able to see tabitha face to face and she rudely stated that i took the risk of buying used from them. She also stated that they don’t do refunds but she’d give me another refrigerator. I replied that they have a roach problem and that it would be insane to place another one of their roach infested refrigerators in my home. I must now have several treatments in my home to ensure that all the roaches are gone. There were no signs that stated “no refund” nor did it make mention on my sales receipt. She was very unapologetic and should no empathy to the roach problem that her product has caused. Each treatment is $100. No company name online or at the location. Let’s hold them accountable! let’s expose them and warn others of the problem that they may invite into their homes if they purchase any appliances from this company. My next call is to take it to aiken and then the atty general.

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