Hover Men


On January 4th, 2018, I placed an order on the website HoverMen.com and paid via PayPal. For several days the status of my order showed as “Awaiting “fulfillment”. This order did not ship in the time promised so the seller agreed to refund my money. “Several weeks passed and the refund was never issued as promised. The information on the website showed that the item that I initially ordered had shipped but no tracking information was ever provided and I never received the item. I contacted the seller several times via email and they confirmed that the item was never shipped and again promised to process the refund soon. I was also warned by the seller not to file a claim with PayPal because they would be forced to ship the item to prove to PayPal that their intent was good. Ultimately, I filed a claim with PayPal and my credit card issuing bank and was given a provisional credit while the matter is investigated. This seller is still advertising products online via their website "Hovermen.com" and still offer PayPal as an accepted payment method. I did a bit of research on the seller afterwards an found that they used to be "HoverKings.com" but that site has be taken down. Be warned, this site is a scam! I never received the item that I ordered from them and my refund is being handled by my CC (Bank).

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