Hoyumpa Vincent P Attorney & Counselor At Law Review


I hired Daniel n. Garon based on the consultation adn referral. I had made certain and asked specifically if he would be my lawyer and no one would step in. He assured me he would be by my side. Well, I never saw him afet that day. He did inot take my calls – I left two messages and had to follow up on both. The only time I did speak to him, he said “Charles, take a chill pill, that is not going to happen. I will see you on the 22nd.” Well, no Daniel on the 22nd and the agreement I sign on did not stand. I did not get any fight from the Jr. guy he sent and he just stood there wiithout fight to get me what was agreed on witthth prosecutor. Now, I get teh leag system. I am here to write do not use Daniel N. Gron. He will not stand by you rside he will tell yo uwhat you want to hear and he will only take your hard earned money. I could tell more details of the lack of effort, but it really does not matter. The bottom line there are too many other great lawyers out there. Be smart do not use Daniel N. Garon

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