HPIRCHOBBY.com Winchester Virginia Review


This store is not an actual retailer. The prices are too good to be true for a reason!! Beware! nI ordered product prior to doing a search to check their reputation. The store owners will communicate with you nicely prior to picking up your money for the order, after the money’s have been verified as picked up, you will never hear another thing from them. nIn order to properly process you order you must also create an account. My account (transaction) read “processing”” for about 30 days

then all of a sudden my account had been deleted. Removing any evidence of the transaction from the sites history. Luckily

I kept all email communications. nDo not order from this site and warn everyone you know not too as well. Post on all RC forums!! nThanks

,Internet United States of America,,www.hpirchobby.com/,Hobby Shops
260583,Las Tiurma,East Texas,I researched this co. before sending money

but could not dig up anything. They only accept wire transfers from a bank or western union. Company claims to sell electronics

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