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Complaint: HRC Medical Center is a Hormone Replacement Center that publicizes about the benefits of bio-identical hormone replacement in all aspects of your life. It all sounds very good but be very careful about signing up for their services. They don’t tell you upfront but you have to sign a contract so read very carefully and take it to an attorney before you sign. I wasn’t feeling well when I went in so didn’t think I would have any problem completing the program, but after my first insertion I broke out in a terrible rash all over my body. I tried to get some help but had a hard time getting any response (would not return my phone calls). After several months of dealing with the rash and actually feeling worse than when I started, I did not want to continue the program so tried talk with them about it. Unknowing to me, there is a non-refund policy on the contract and they would not even consider giving me any reimbursement for the 3 remaining insertions that I will never use. They wanted me to use some other services in their clinic but after the unfavorable reaction from the hormone replacement I could not trust the outcome of any other service they provided. I’ve sent letters and talked with them several times with absolutely no resolution on their part. The program is very expensive but once they get your money they do not want to deal with you.There is something very suspicious about a business that is not willingwork with customers to resolve individual issues. As a consumer, I should be protected from claims made in advertising,in the seminar, and in office consultationthatare exactly opposite from thestatementsmade in the contract. Very misleading and questionable in the very least and feel they have been deceptive from the start.

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Address: 9123 Cross Park Dr. Suite 200 Knoxville, Tennessee United States of America


Phone: 8656700039

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