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Attention Ladies: Chi Chi Me, Chi Chi Me fashion, and Chi Chi Me Style are all the same website that provides women’s clothing, jewelry and accessories at This clothing website does a lot of advertising on Instagram. The owner of this website is said to be Julie Khan from NYC, or so the About Us section states. For contact information there is only email address, no fax, no mailing address, no phone is provided. This is the information that is provided under the returns section. Mind you there is no size chart located anywhere on the website, but they will charge you a 12% restocking fee. I order the from this website for $52 plus shipping. I ordered it a size up from what I normally would give that this site charges a 12% re-stocking fee. When I received the Medium sweat suit I ordered, I immediately noticed all the tags were cut out from the collar of the top and waist band of the skirt. I then noticed that this medium size looked like a children’s size 12. I had a friend who is a size zero try on the clothing and it was too small for her! Sure, I was disappointed but thought I would contact the business right away and get a refund or the ability to exchange for larger size. A week has now passed, I have sent 5 emails and have received no response. I also found at least 10 other consumers who have had a similar experience on this website. I am not stuck with a loss of $60 and an outfit that may fit a 12 year old. My goal here is to make sure that no one else loses money shopping on this fraudulent website. Regardless if you spend $1 or $1000 you should get what you pay for, and this website/company does not functional on this basic principal. Who knows if they even obtain the clothing legally given the removal of the tags. If this report saves one consumer from wasting money, then it was time well spent.

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